Sunday 14 February 2010

Teach me to know your paths and ways, Lord

I have just translated a song. It was written by Jakob Paulli (Denmark). Over the past years it has been "rediscovered" due to the use of a Norwegian folk-tune from Åseral. Sissel Kyrkjebø tells the story behind the song (in English) before she gives her beautiful interpretation here on

Lær meg å kjenne dine veie

Teach me to know your paths and ways, Lord,
and as I walk them, walk with me!
All things you gave me in my life, Lord
Is but a loan, I clearly see.
But when your hand is close by, aiding
my final goal I will obtain.
And when on earth my hopes are fading
new hopes in heaven I will gain.

Teach me to know your thoughts of peace, Lord,
help me to think like you, I pray.
When fear attacks my feeble heart, Lord
Grant me new courage for each day.
When I am tired of all my thinking
Please tell me, Lord, what I should do.
And when my doubt makes me start sinking
Pull me on safe ground close to you.

Teach me to know your boundless love, Lord,
and help me generously share.
So that my life brings light og hope, Lord,
to those who heavy burdens bear.
The love that dries the tears of sorrow
and heals the wounds of daily toss
will help me face the new tomorrow:
Love’s gain is more than all my loss.

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