tirsdag 10. januar 2017

The mentoring relationship between Paul and Timothy

...a brief look at and the importance of the balance between affirmation and accountability in discipleship - the lifelong journey of renewal

1. It is about life-style
2. Journey of Renewal
3. Affirmation and accountability
4. The good deposit
5. What did the mentor do with the deposit?
6. Interesting links between functions
7. Identity-building
8. He lived as he taught
9. A mentor is clear and direct
10. A mentor sets free..
11. The goal of the mission defined
12. "We" - a precondition for growth
13. When the law is used improperly
14. The mentor's humility
15. Pass it on!
16. Affirmation gives confidence in ministry
17. Instructions on prayer
18. The gospel in a nutshell
19. What about 'everything else'?
20. Everyday exhortations
21. When 'everything else' all of a sudden becomes important
22. Ready for a noble task?
23. What is the church of the living God?
24. A Christmas Creed
25. The least of all saints
26. Conscience - seared as with a hot iron 
27. Godless myths
28. Train to be fit
29. Fit for fight and strife
30. What is so special with the believers? 
31. Examples of all ages
32. On the arena of speech
33. On the arena of conduct
34. A smile on the arena of love
35. On the arena of faith
36. On the arena of purity
37. Support functions in training of strength
38. Fiery passion and intensity
39. Can a role model make progress?
40. Keep a close watch over yourself
41. Detailed instructions
42. Care for your stomach too!
43. To live transparent
44. Misuse of the Bible
45. ...and along comes the money issue...
46. Love, money and enjoyment
47. To know that someone is praying
48. What did the ancestors do?
49. Try tears!
50. From impression to imprint
51. "When my spirit grows faint"
52. The Spirit...gives us power
53. Something to be ashamed of
54. Join in suffering
55. An important reminder about the calling
56. Pass it on over again
57. Like a good soldier
58. To want to do the will of the commander
59. No room for cheating
60. The wages of hard work
61. Reflect on what I am saying
62. Part of something much bigger
63. Important for 'formation'
64. Avoid quarreling about words
65. Accountability in everything received
66. Nine lives!
67. We need to wash the foundation
68. What kind of vessel am I?
69. Hunting season all year around
70. Stressful times?
71. Knowing what is worth knowing
72. Face and heart
73. Through it all
74. It is a matter of choice
75. I need inspiration
76. The usefulness of teaching
77. Expert help with correction of mistakes
78. The most useful training?
79. New costume
80. I know to whom I belong  
81. To be charged with a charge
82. The charge piece by piece
83. Sober in all that I do
84. Ready for departure
85. Breaking up - and a broken shoelace
86. Fragmented thoughts on loneliness
87. When someone decides to leave 
88. So blessed humanly...
89. I am saved three times
90. Winter and spring - today is all I have got

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