Monday 1 April 2019

Lukewarm or Luke-warm?

How Luke kept his faith and I can keep mine 

The discovery of the “skeleton” for this book goes back many years. I preached a sermon over the verse, which also forms the first chapter. In addition, the sermon had several of the other chapters as main points. After the meeting, a woman approached me and said “You should write a book about this!”

At that time, I worked as a Bible-teacher in a Salvation Army school for youth. Some of the young people knew Jesus Christ as their Saviour before they came to the one-year school-course – others found the faith during the year. Having seen the young people coming to the Lord, I very much wanted to have a book to put in their hand. The encouragement from this woman made me take the challenge.

© Didache, Norway First published in English 2008
Picture: ‘Strokkur’ – Iceland 1982

Published as E-bok (PDF) 2019
ISBN: 978-82-93720-05-8

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