Monday 27 April 2020

Let's stay on the right track!

In 2018 Eastern Europe Territory chose the verse:
“Now that we’re on the right track, let’s stay on it.”                                      Philippians 3:16 THE MESSAGE
to encourage people to keep the momentum and move in the right direction. Through the year, I posted a weekly blog in six languages related to this call. 
I have selected 26 of the blogs and made them available in this booklet. The purpose is to make them available for personal reflection, or even better, for reflection in small groups for half a year. To share thoughts, faith and prayers in fellowship with others, is vital for your growth as a disciple of Jesus.

After each reflection, you will find questions for stimulation of the conversation. Please also listen to The holy spirit. Very often, the Spirit will reveal something that is worth sharing with the other members of the group.

To be a disciple, means to live like Christ in the world. It is important with fellowship with believers, but Jesus is every day sending us out to represent him also among those who do not believe.

Therefore, stay on the track and keep on moving!

ISBN 978-82-93720-10-2

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